Pre-Conception and Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques

Pre conception & pre natal diagnostic technique is an act to prohibition of sex selection, before or after conception, and for regulation of pre-natal diagnostic techniques for the purposes of detecting genetic abnormalities or metabolic disorders or chromosomal abnormalities or certain congenital malformations or sex-linked disorders and for the prevention of their misuse for sex determination leading to female foeticide and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.


• To ensure implementation of all promotional schemes for girl child at district level.
• Monitoring and evaluation of implementation of PNDT Act through community participations.
• Ensure accountability of implementing agencies through monitoring implementation of the Act through community participation.
• Identifying violators of the Act through conducting detailed audits of form ‘F’ filled in for the pregnant women in the clinics.
• Develop state and district annual Plan.


IEC and publicity activities
• Involvement of community radio, mass media and internet for information dissemination.
• Public messages in the public places like bus stands, railway stations, Airports, metro stations etc.
• Involvement of print and electronic media to give wider publicity to the issue like advertisement on TV relating to PNDT Act and promotional Girl child schemes in the State.

Strengthening the implementation of PNDT Act
• Inspection team to be put in place to ensure Regular survey and inspection by the DAA
• Renewal of registrations to be taken on the basis of track record in terms of record keeping, etc of the PNDT Clinics
• Mapping of Mobile ultrasound machines in the States
• Follow-up of the cases in the court by hiring advocates at the district level.
• Ensuring Regular meetings of Sate supervisory board, state appropriate authority, state advisory committee and district advisory committee to review the progress of implementation at different levels.

Monitoring and Evaluation:
• Monitoring of PNDT clinics.
• Identification of unregistered machines in the state.
• Monitoring of Pregnancies, MTPs, live births and Birth registrations.
• AAs has to take up medical audit of records of Form F kept by PNDT clinics.
• Regular review and monitoring meetings State level in steering group.