National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP)

The goal of the programme is to bring the Prevalence Rate (PR) below 1 patient per 10,000 population. The objective of the programme is to identify all the leprosy affected persons (LAPs) in the society, bring them under the Multi Drug Therapy (MDT) services, complete their treatment and thus achieve the control over further spread of the dreaded disease Leprosy. The Prevalence Rate of 8.2 patients per 10,000 population at the time of the inception of ChhattisgarhState has been brought down to 3.43 per 10,000 population in November 2016. At present 9506 leprosy patients are given free MDT treatment in all the Health facilities. The drug MDT is sufficiently available in the state. All the blocks having PR of 2 or more than 2 have been covered with an intense IEC and awareness campaign with a view to impart the minimum awareness about leprosy so that the people suffering from it voluntarily come to the health facilities and avail the treatment.


As on

31st March 2016

As on Nov. 2016

No. of New Cases Ditected (NCDR)


9927 (NCDR-35.86)

No. of Cases Released From Treatment (RFT)



No. of Cases Under Treatment (UT)


9506 (PR-3.42)

No. of Reconstructive Surgery (RCS)