JanmSahyogi Karyakram

JanmSahyogi Karyakram (Birth Comapnion Program) was launched on 26th January 2016 in all the Health facilities of Chhattisgarh. Purpose of program is to develop the better doctor patient relationship and to reduce high risk labour cases and for the reduction of MMR,Objective. To provide expectant mothers an opportunity for family involvementduring labor and delivery admission. To facilitate improved mental health/psychological health duringlabor and delivery and the immediate post-partum period.
Role of JanmSahyogi
Provide emotional support (continuous reassurance) Provide Information about labor progress Advice regarding coping techniques, Take comfort measures (comforting touch, massages, promotingadequate fluid intake and output) Advocacy (helping the woman articulate her wishes to other)

Mahtari Laika Swasthya Divas
(Fixed day Service )

Fixed day service is the initiative of Chhattisgarh state-it is started in the year 2010 with objective of the program is to conduct ANC checkup during pregnancy, the team of a Lady doctor/Lady RMA,Lab technician ,ANM use to conduct fixed day service every week in fixed date. Fixed day services are conducting at the level of PHCs.

Calcium Supplementation program
for Pregnant women

Calcium Supplementation program useful in reduction of High blood pressure in pregnancy, Pre-term labour, Infant death rate. High blood pressure in pregnancy can be reduced by 50 % through 1gm per day Calcium+Vitamin D3 supplementation in 14th week of pregnancy (second trimester).Pre-term can be reduced by 24%. Oral swallowable calcium tablets to be taken twice a day (total 1g calcium/day) starting from 14 weeks of pregnancy up to six months post-partum.

Maternal Health training

Various Maternal Health training program is conducting-like Skilled Birth Attendent,BEmONC,CEmONC,LSAS,MTP,Dakshata Training.