Facility Based Newborn Care

Facility Based Newborn Care is one of the key components to improve the status of newborn health. The various components of FBNC are: Newborn Care Corners (NBCCs) are established at delivery points to provide essential newborn care at birth soon after delivery. This are dedicated space within the delivery room where essential care as well as life saving care including resuscitation is provided to the newborn. Newborn Stabilization Units (NBSUs) are facility located within or in close proximity to the maternity ward where sick and low birth weight newborns are cared for short periods. Special Newborn Care Units (SNCUs) is a neonatal unit in the vicinity of the labor room to provide special care (all care except assisted ventilation and major surgery) to the sick newborns. SNCU Online Reporting Network is established in the State since August 2015-16 with 13 SNCUs generating real time data. About 9934 newborns in the year 2015-16 (April 15 to March 16) and 10943 newborns in the year 2016-17 (April 16 to Nov 16) have been registered in the data base. A total of 350 NBCCs,19 NBSUs and 13 SNCUs are operational in the State.